Pokerev Mystery Holiday Pack

€ 125,00 € 99,99

Hunt for rare Pokemon booster packs that span across every generation of Pokemon cards over the last 25+ years! Holiday Edition adds a brand new tier for even more chances to pull packs.

You can trust that every booster pack in Pokerev packs are 100% authentic and unweighed meaning you have the best chance at pulling the top cards in every set! There’s a reason we can’t keep these in stock and it’s because these are the best and most trusted product on the market.


Each PokéRev Pack contains 5 random Sword & Shield and or Scarlet & Violet booster packs + a Bonus Mega Pack. The mega pack pull rates are listed below.

1:100 Rainbow - Every Tier Listed Below in One! Gold, Silver, Red, Green

1:25 Gold - Wizards of The Coast, Diamond & Pearl, Heart Gold Soul Silver, or Platinum Pack

1:10 Silver - Black & White Pack

1:5 Red - XY or Sun & Moon Pack

Minimum Guarantee Green - Sword & Shield Era Pack